Dil Raju Wants To Head Producers Council?

The favourite child of rumours in the Telugu Film Industry, Dil Raju, is back in the news in the last two days. Other day he was part of the news when Allu Arvind’s team called for a press meet, and later the meet got called off, but the news and rumours started to centre around Dil Raju only. And here comes the latest one now.

Sometimes, ace producer Dil Raju stated that they have started Active Producers Guild only with the thought that those big producers who are in the business of making cinema every day will be able to call the shots about issues. And he even made a comment that Producer Council doesn’t need any election to pick a President, but they could hand over the power to someone to manage the stuff. However, rules are rules for any association formed in India and a President should be picked by election only.

Realising that, now Dil Raju wants to showcase his power in the Producers Council too as they are saying that he has filed a nomination for the post of President to get elected in the upcoming election of the council. It is coming out that the members of the Guild including Sravanti Ravikishore, Damodara Prasad and Dil Raju have filed nominations. Anyone of them might win, but that will make sure that both the Producers Council and Guild are headed by the same.

Some insider reports are saying that Dil Raju has already set things up to get needed votes to become the President of the Council. And if the Allu Arvind clan supports him, then it is going to be unanimous. But because of the rifts that are taking place between them, it will be a tricky situation now.