Puri Jagan Speaks About Aversion, What’s Up? 

“We will love, they will cheat us and we will cry to eternity. If you are crying like that, then you’re in the queue”, says Puri Jagan in his new musing, which is actually a sort of a shocker. While the experiences he shares through these audio podcasts are quite impressive, this time his talk like a spiritual guru has left everyone with mixed impressions. 

“Whether you’re trying to do everything to get millions of rupees, or to get into power, you’re on the right path of a spiritual process as end of the day you are likely to realise things and meet ‘aversion’ (virakthi). Welcome to the club” said Puri Jagan, indicating that he has already reached that ‘virakthi’ stage in life. One wonders if he is making these comments in regard to his career as well or regarding other things he has seen in his life. 

After the flop show of ‘Liger’, Puri Jagan made only one appearance amongst the audience with that guest role in “Godfather” movie and he appeared in a video interview with Megastar Chiranjeevi too. However, there is no official update about this film or other stuff so far, while his producer Charmee commented earlier that they will be bouncing back strongly soon.