Volunteers Controversy: Wrong Time ‘BRO’?

Janasenani Pawan Kalyan has stirred controversy with his recent comments regarding grama volunteers, leaving many people, including neutral observers, stunned. The Janasena chief has leveled serious allegations, claiming that several grama volunteers are involved in human trafficking, allegedly leading to the disappearance of over 30,000 girls and women in the state. This controversy comes at a sensitive time, as his new film BRO is set for release at the end of this month.

Pawan alleged that each volunteer, appointed for every 50 families, has access to personal information about the families, which they allegedly share with anti-social elements in society. These comments have already prompted protests from YSRCP supporters, party leaders, and the volunteers themselves. Pawan has also received a summons from the AP Women’s Commission, with the commission chairperson demanding an unconditional apology for his statements. Volunteers in Vizag staged a highway blockade, demanding an apology from Pawan Kalyan.

This situation is reminiscent of the troubles faced by Pawan Kalyan’s previous films, Bheemla Nayak and Vakeel Saab, during their releases in Andhra Pradesh. Political commentators now predict that BRO may face similar challenges, given the strained relationship between the government and Pawan Kalyan.

The latest controversy has further strained the relationship between the government and Janasena, damaging their equation. Although Pawan does not play the lead role in BRO, the film could face obstacles if the current political situation in the state escalates.

The film industry hopes for a smooth release of BRO in Andhra Pradesh, but it remains to be seen whether any roadblocks will emerge in the coming weeks. The situation is delicate, and the outcome will become clear only with time.

BRO is heading for a release on the 28th of this month.