Buzz: Balayya Confirms To USA About Son’s Debut


Many times we have heard the news regarding the debut of Nandamuri Mokshagna Teja on the silver screen. He happens to be the heir-apparent of the iconic Balayya Babu, and that’s the reason the delay of his debut is actually worrying fans. And it looks like the 28-year-old will be taking two more years to appear on the silver screen if his father’s latest statements are anything to go by.

News coming from sources who have attended the TANA event in the USA in the last couple of days is indicating that Mokshagna will debut under his father’s direction only. It is coming out that Balayya told some NRIs that he is planning to direct his yesteryear blockbuster ‘Aditya 369’ sequel, “Aditya 999” after he wraps work on the upcoming general elections.

While Balayya will play the lead role in that movie, Mokshagna will play an important character in the film but not the lead. Many are wondering why Balayya took this decision, like how he debuted under his father, the legendary Sr NTR’s direction years ago.

Though it has come out that director Anil Ravipudi took the onus of launching Mokshagna on the silver screen, these recent revelations are actually surprising fans. Because if Balayya starts work on the movie post elections, which will be in 2024, the film might release only in 2025, thus taking two more years for the youngster’s entry on the silver screen.