When Lawrence was scared of Kangana’s gunmen!

Raghava Lawrence recently shared lighthearted comments about Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is his co-star in the upcoming movie “Chandramukhi 2.” During a pre-release film event in Chennai, Raghava Lawrence shared that he was taken aback when he first saw Kangana Ranaut arrive on the set of “Chandramukhi 2” with her gunmen.

Kangana Ranaut received security from the central government due to concerns about her safety following her controversial comments. While initially, she had a higher level of security, it was eventually reduced, and she began to appear on set with her personal gunmen.

Lawrence admitted feeling tense and even more surprised to see the gunmen on set. However, after he requested that the gunmen remain outside the set, he began to establish a rapport with Kangana and found that she adapted perfectly to her role in the movie.

The upcoming film “Chandramukhi 2,” directed by P Vasu and produced by Lyca Productions, features Kangana Ranaut in the lead role. The movie is a sequel to the successful film “Chandramukhi,” which starred Rajinikanth.