#BiggBoss7: Five New Contestants In, One Out, One Hidden

While double elimination is not new in the reality show #BiggBoss, what is certainly fresh is inducing four new candidates into the house at the same time. Other day, host Nagarjuna Akkineni thrilled the audiences with his moves as Bigg Boss took one contestant out, hid one and sent five folks into the house, all in the same episode.

On the Sunday episode of #BiggBoss7 Telugu reality show, things took an unexpected turn as the show began with the elimination. Contestant Subhashree got pulled out of the house after being voted in the Bottom 3 list by the contestants and also fetched fewer votes from the audience. After this shocker, Bigg Boss made contestants choose between Tasty Teja and Dr Gautham Krishna, and the latter was kicked out by the inmates. Surprisingly, Gautham is sent to a secret room by Nagarjuna while inmates think that he’s eliminated from the show.

Then comes four new contestants, among whom three are quite popular. The first one to go is TV serial artist Arjun Ambati and he happens to be good friends with Amardeep, Priyanka Jain, Shobha Shetty and Aata Sandeep as well, even outside the house. Then comes another popular TV serial artist Pooja Murthy who also acted alongside Amardeep in a few serials. Also, upcoming actress Ashwini and folk singer Bhole Shavali made it into the house. The last one to go inside is social media influencer Nayani Pavani.

Well, with five new additions and one more contestant kept hidden, the game will be different from now it looks like.