BO: Small Film’s Big Win Over Huge Budgeted Film

Last Friday, we had two films competing at the box office and many thought that both would work out. One of them is Vaishnav Tej and Sreeleela’s “Aadikeshava”, while the other one is Srikanth’s “Kota Bommali PS”. And here is what the box office is like at the given moment.

With popular faces like Vaishnav, Sreeleela, GV Prakash making huge sounds, many thought that Aadikeshava would have a huge edge over Kota Bommali PS, which is the remake of the already popular Malayalam film Nayattu which happens to be a huge hit in Telugu region as well on the OTT.

However, with Aadikeshava being a routine movie, and Kota Bommali PS engaging well with the twists along with terrific performances from Srikanth and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, the film made its mark. If we look at the box office, the bookings on Saturday mornings as well as for the evening shows are pretty good.

For its budget and the size of the release, definitely, this Bunny Vas production venture is getting a good response and if it continues to hold on Monday as well, then the producer might laugh his way to banks. Also, the film’s political touch is something that is getting huge traction, thanks to the election fever that has gripped both the Telugu states at the moment.

Kota Bommali PS is directed by Teja Marni of Johar fame and also features Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajasekhar in two other lead roles, and both the youngsters also supported the film well.