A Worker At Chiru’s House Became Popular Actor Now

You never know what destiny has in store for you, but to make it big in the film industry, people often stay close to the industry only. While some work in various trades of film production to stay close, some aspirants work in the media too. But here is this guy who worked as a construction worker and now made a big cut.

Actor Lakshman Meesala, who happens to be a theatre artist, is getting huge applause for his comedy timing as a blind guy in the movie “Mangalavaram” is now the sought-after character artist. The way he carried the character and provided doses of laughter in the movie along with the super-talented Ajay Ghosh is commendable. In an interview, Lakshman revealed that he used to work as a construction worker, and he’s part of the teams that built the houses of Megastar Chiranjeevi and Allu Arvind, and others in the film industry. In that way, he stayed close to the film industry before finally making it onto the silver screen as an actor.

Lakshman made a name in the industry with RX100 movie, and now director Ajay Bhupathi has given him the big break again. Previously, Lakshman worked under the tutelage of popular acting coach Deekshithulu in Hyderabad, where he learned the nuances of acting and much more.