Sandeep Vanga Gets A Rare And Genuine Appreciation From Rajamouli

As a superstar, Mahesh Babu might give a ton of appreciation to many other filmmakers and actors to appreciate and encourage them. The same is the case with Rajamouli being a star filmmaker. But last night seems to be different. Some really genuine and heartful words have rolled out in the speeches of Mahesh Babu and Rajamouli.

Apart from everybody’s praising Ranbir Kapoor for the acting skills he has, Rajamouli’s words about Sandeep Reddy must have made the latter’s day. Rajamouli called him a trendsetter and a unique filmmaker.

In Rajamouli’s words, ‘New directors come to fame every year. They make big movies and score superhits. But once in a blue moon, there comes a director who not only shakes the audience and the industry but also shakes the existing formula of conventional filmmaking. I know Ram Gopal Varma is one of them back then and now I think Sandeep Vanga is that kind of filmmaker. The director who puts aside the norms and formula to make the film he wanted is the director Sandeep Reddy, I am proud of you brother.’

This heartful praise and appreciation from Rajamouli is rare and Sandeep Reddy’s guts and talent earned him that.

In another funny context, Rajamouli asked Ranbir if he has to work in only one director’s film who would he choose between him and Sandeep Reddy. Ranbir Kapoor who first tried to be diplamatic, answered Sandeep Reddy Vanga as a loyal actor.