Don’t Miss The Beginning, Don’t Miss The Ending: Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Sensational director Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal is all set for release in three days. The prerelease event that was held last night hosted superstars Ranbir and Mahesh Babu, star filmmaker Rajamouli on the same stage. While everyone admitted that their minds were blown after watching the trailer, the director talked about it.

Calling it as the best father-son love story ever in Hindi or Telugu, Sandeep Reddy promises that you have never seen and never experienced. Sandeep also speaks about the length and assures that every frame will be entertaining.

‘Don’t miss the beginning and don’t miss the ending’, Sandeep Reddy underlines.

Comparing it to Arjun Reddy, the director reveals that the angst in the movie was settled after the girl comes back whereas in Animal it is not settled. The director also reveals, ‘Animal story could have been easily rejected but Ranbir Kapoor trusted me. It was a three year travel and we made this film.’

It looks like the intense drama is going to leave the people shocked and stunned in the theters starting December 1st. Animal is releasing on December 1 and the US premieres on November 30.