Odiyamma From Hi Nanna: Party Anthem

The confusion around the characters, their relationships, and the plotline of Hi Nanna has further increased after the trailer was launched that introduced another main character played by Shruti Haasan.

The makers intentionally kept the role of Shruti Haasan under wraps, till they released the trailer. There is still some confusion about the role.

Interim, they released the fourth single of the movie Odiyama featuring Nani and Shruti Haasan which is promoted as the party song of the year.

Hesham Abdul Wahab who gave some melodious tunes earlier came up with a rocking number with electronic beats.

Shruti Haasan who crooned some chartbuster albums has lent vocals, along with Dhruv Vikram and Chinmayi Sripada. This is the first Telugu song for Dhruv.

While the vocals of Dhruv and Shruti are peppy, Chinmayi’s soulful singing adds another dimension to the song which has lyrics by Anantha Sriram.

Nani and Shruti Haasan enjoyed the party together and shook their legs for the groovy beats in the colorful pub set-up. The song will be more enjoyable with the full visuals.

The movie Hi Nanna helmed by Shouryuv on Vyra Entertainments will hit the theatres on December 7th.