Avakaya Anjaneya From Hanu-Man: Folk Feast

The first song Hanuman Chalisa was an instant hit, while the second song Superhero Hanuman appealed not just to children, but also to the elders. Today, the third single Avakaya Anjaneya from director Prasanth Varma’s original superhero film Hanu-Man starring Teja Sajja was dropped.

While the second single showed the heroics of Hanumanthu in comic style, this folk number shows the real potential of the character. When masked men come to assault Amrutha Aiyer physically, Teja arrives as a hero and counter-attack them. The title Avakaya Anjaneya alone indicates the nature of the song.

While the women prepare mango pickle, Anjaneya shows his supreme powers. This massy number was rendered by Anudeep Dev, while Galidevara Sahiti’s vocals are powerful. Simhachalam Mannela showed his potency as a lyricist with this tough song.

Produced by Primeshow Entertainment, Hanu-Man is planned for Sankranthi release on January 12th.