Animal ‘Axe Fight’ Compared To ‘Old Boy’, Sandeep Vanga Explains

Animal, the most anticipated movie is coming to theaters on December 1. The sensational director Sandeep Reddy Vanga revealed his mindset and his thought process in making Animal in an exclusive interview with

When asked about the most violent fight of Ranbir Kapoor with an axe in the corridor being compared to one from ‘Old Boy’ and Chiranjeevi’s Kirathakudu, Sandeep Reddy explains the difference.

Sandeep Vanga says that it is common for the audience to draw comparisons between the Old Boy fight sequence to that of Animal because of it being shot in a corridor, the weapon being an axe, and one man facing tens of men.

Assuring that this fight of Animal will have multiple shots and with different impacts, Sandeep says that the comparisons come when the movie has high anticipation and expectation. He calls it their part of interest. ‘I know what’s in the store for them’, says Sandeep Reddy.