Salman Khan Gives Logic Behind Tiger 3 Low Collections

Tiger 3 Cameo

Things have not been the same in Bollywood after Pathaan and Jawan, particularly at the box office. Bollywood recovered from the long slump with SRK proving his box office stamina after a gap. A similar stunt is expected from Salman Khan’s Tiger 3, but the movie has not been running as anticipated.

Though the Tiger 3 fans say that the World Cup, Diwali, and other reasons for the slow down in Tiger 3 collections, the fact is that the content of Tiger 3 is not very impressive. And that is the reason it has not surpassed the numbers of Pathaan or Jawan. While the debates are on one side, Salman Khan himself defends the collections of Tiger 3 with a strange logic.

Salman Khan says that Tiger 3 has been released and ran for affordable ticket prices, unlike others who have charged more. He claims to have intended to save people’s money with affordable prices and that has dented the trade and collections of his film. Again, Tiger3 did not offer any discounts in the first week and it was run in North States multiplexes with premium charges as always. Also, the single screens have the same price as ever.

Tiger 3 ticket price in PVR and INOX multiplexes has come down to a flat rate of 150 rupees only after two weeks and Salman’s logic for Tiger 3 collections looks strange. Salman also says that his upcoming films will have premium ticket prices and he will show the numbers that everyone expects from his movies.

However, Salman Khan’s video of speaking about the box office numbers is going viral now.