Nani & Nithin Trying Hard To Beat A&S Craze

Right now, with the election fever in Telangana gone, surely the focus has once again shifted to films. And that brings us to Animal and Salaar for sure, with Animal doing the unthinkable at the box office, while Salaar’s trailer launch is raking up huge attention. But then, these two movies are making it tough for two heroes right now, in terms of publicity.

Nani’s Hi Nanna and Nithin’s Extra Ordinary Man are hitting cinemas on December 7th and 8th respectively and the makers of these movies are kickstarting an all-out promotional campaign now. While Nithin is promoting the film at malls and other outdoor events this Friday, Nani is busy giving TV interviews. And with Dec 3rd being the poll-results day, both Nani and Nithin have to beat the Animal+Salaar craze and make the most before the next Friday such that there would be huge attention and openings for their two films.

We have to see if this regular promotional stuff like interviews, press releases, apart from the teasers and trailers, songs will do the needful for these movies, Hi Nanna and Extra, in these times. Meanwhile, this weekend will be completely taken over by the Animal and Salaar craze anyway, and from Monday these two films have to focus on the real promotions for their movies.