Prabhas’ Entry To Be Late In Salaar?

The trailer of Salaar was released the other day. It garnered more than 116 million views and more than 2.7 million likes in 24 hours across all languages.

The simple dialogues of Prabhas in Salaar flaunt a side of his attitude. Even after the director clarified that Salaar is a standalone movie, the KGF theories are still hanging around. Amid this, the discussions began on when Prabhas would be making an entry in the movie.

Of late, the filmmakers are cutting the trailer frames in the same order as the screenplay and cinema graph. The trailer has Prabhas entering only after more than two minutes in the trailer and that hints at the entry of him in the movie also will be a little late.

The hero entrance episodes could be coming after the childhood episode, Khansaar setup, and of course the conflict establishment. However, the fans are hoping to get high with Prabhas’ menacing action blocks without much delay after the movie begins.