Dil Raju Gets High With ‘Animal’, Indicates Big Change

“Back then I started with Bommarillu movie, and people have branded me as an ambassador of family-movies. If any director comes and narrates a rugged story like Animal, surely we will make such a film” says Dil Raju, who is quite excited about the success of Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal. The mega distributor released the film through his production house in the Telugu states and met the press to share his excitement.

Dil Raju revealed that Animal is extremely doing well and received greatly by the audience. He indicated that the film might end up collecting nearly ₹35 crores gross in the first weekend.

“The success of ‘Animal’ signifies a shift in the film industry, showcasing that movies are finding success universally, regardless of the lead actor or the language in which they are produced. With Telugu actors venturing into Bollywood and now a Bollywood hero making a significant impact here, the box office seems to be transforming into a global village. This trend underscores the audience’s willingness to embrace any film as long as its content is compelling and worth watching”, said Raju. When quizzed if he would produce a film like Animal, the producer indicated that his Bommarillu image might have given a wrong signal, but he would surely make such movies.

“If there is no problem for the audience to watch them, why would we (filmmakers) have any issue with producing them?” he said, on a concluding note.