Mrunal Thakur Sending Wrong Signals To Tollywood

Whenever a film’s release is around the corner, surely the whirlwind promotional tours and other media interactions will get a film big buzz. Recently the team of “Animal” is everywhere in India, promoting their movie, and today they have witnessed humongous openings. Here is an interesting discussion happening in the Film Nagar now, regarding an actress, who is said to be giving a hand to producers.

Right from the beginning, it has come out that heroine Mrunal Thakur, who has shot to fame with Sitaramam movie, hasn’t allotted enough dates for “Hi Nanna” promotions. While Nani is busy recording multiple interviews in the last 20 days, Mrunal cited dates issues and turned up only a couple of days. During Diwali time, while Nani is promoting the film, Mrunal actually turned up at Diwali bashes in Mumbai, leaving fans shocked as to why she is not promoting the film but attending parties.

And in the next couple of days, she is heading to the USA for the shoot of “Family Star”, thus giving no scope for Hi Nanna promotions. At the same time, due to the actress not turning up in Hyderabad, Dil Raju has shifted the song shoot of FamilyStar to Mumbai recently. One wonders why the actress can’t come to Hyderabad, but is available for shooting in Mumbai studios.

If things happen this way with Mrunal, surely that would be sending wrong signals to Tollywood, making producers keep her aside and out of the league.