When Suma was asked about divorce by her son!

Roshan Kanakala, the son of Suma and Rajeev Kanakala, is making his debut as a hero in the film “Bubble Gum,” which will be released on December 29. As part of the film’s promotion, Suma, who is a well-known anchor in the Telugu entertainment industry, has been actively participating in various promotional activities.

Roshan Kanakala addressed the rumors surrounding his parents’ relationship, stating that he was surprised to hear about the divorce rumors. He mentioned that when these rumors surfaced, he observed his parents enjoying meals together and having fun.

Roshan shared that he questioned them about the rumors, and they responded with disbelief, asking why they would consider divorce. He emphasized that the rumors were baseless and that his parents were happily married.

“Bubble Gum” is directed by Ravikanth Perepu, who earlier directed the films ‘Kshanam’ and ‘Krishna & His Leela.’