Bigg Boss: CPI Narayana wants Nagarjuna to be arrested

The recently concluded seventh season of Bigg Boss took an unprecedented turn with an incident that had never occurred in its history. Following the announcement of the title winner for the season, a clash erupted between Amardeep and Pallavi Prashanth fans.

Disturbingly, fans of Pallavi Prashant reportedly damaged the windows of Amardeep’s car, and in the process, the mirrors of two RTC buses and one police vehicle were also broken. RTC MD Sajjanar has stated that those responsible for the altercation will face consequences, and the police have filed a case against Pallavi Prashant.

Responding to the situation, CPI Narayana made sensational comments, suggesting that the cases should be filed against the management of Bigg Boss and Nagarjuna instead. He expressed his discontent with the Bigg Boss show. He accused the show of promoting uncivil and vile content.

Narayana criticized bringing individuals into the house for entertainment and alleged that it was done merely for enjoyment. He claimed that this season specifically featured a contestant portrayed as a farmer to attract rural viewership, indicating a strategic move to gain attention in rural areas.

Narayana also accused Bigg Boss’s management of orchestrating the entire scenario for their benefit. He called for an immediate ban on the show and criticized the lack of response from Nagarjuna and the Bigg Boss team.