Bahumukham First Look: Intriguing!

Young filmmakers of late are attempting unique stories and trying to tell them in a distinctive way. In fact, the audiences are also keen to watch experimental movies that are highly engaging from start to end. Coming to the actual point, Harshiv Karthik is coming up with a psychological thriller Bahumukham.

The film’s first look has been unveiled. Harshiv Karthik can be seen in a multidimensional avatar in the poster. The happiness, sorrow, and other emotions of the character are portrayed through this intriguing first-look poster. The young hero spellbinds as he emotes all the emotions impressively.

Harshiv Karthik who played the lead role is also the writer, producer, director, and co-editor of the movie. Swarnima Singh and Maria Martynova are the heroines. Luke Fletcher cranked the camera for the movie which has the background score by Sricharan Pakala.

The movie is getting ready for its theatrical release soon.