Hanuman Goes Unstoppable at Box Office!

Hanuman, initially perceived as the underdog among this year’s Sankranti releases, has defied all expectations to emerge as the monumental success story of the season.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including a scarcity of theaters, the film has shattered records and surpassed all previous benchmarks for Sankranti releases.

Its phenomenal performance has extended well beyond the customary Sankranti run, with packed houses for the initial two weeks followed by sustained, albeit slightly reduced, collections in the subsequent weeks.

What sets Hanuman apart is its enduring appeal, even as new releases vie for attention. The film continues to hold its ground in numerous theaters, serving as a litmus test for the latest entrants into the cinematic arena.

Remarkably, Hanuman has completed a remarkable 30-day run across 300 screens, a feat rarely seen in recent times.

While several big-budget productions are poised for digital releases by month-end, Hanuman remains firmly entrenched in theaters, overshadowing even its digital counterparts.

Its steadfast presence suggests that its theatrical dominance will endure for at least another few weeks, with anticipation building for the inevitable milestone of a 50-day run.

Directed by Prashanth Varma and produced by Niranjan Reddy, with Teja Sajja in the lead role, Hanuman has not only rewritten the playbook for Sankranti releases but also set a new standard for cinematic success.