Bollywood Stars Pay Paps For Gym & Airport Photos: Priyamani

The very talented actress Priyamani wore many hats on screen. She acted as a lead actress, in supporting roles, and even appeared as a judge for reality shows and in almost all films. Priyamani’s Bhamakalapam second part was released a few days back. While being a busy star, Priyamani joined for an interview ‘Raw Talks with RK’ in recent times where she revealed Bollywood’s paparazzi secret.

When asked if it is true that the Bollywood stars pay the paparazzi to get clicked, Priyamani says yes and reveals furthermore about that culture. Priyamani says that there are Paparazzi agencies and the stars would ask how many photographers would be able to come to the airport or gym or anywhere they want them to be.

Though it is being called ‘spotted’ at the gym, restaurant, or any other place, the stars pay the paps. Priyamani says she has a friend who is also a casting director and he asked if she also wants to get ‘papped’ like other Bollywood actors since she is a notable star in B-town after Jawan.

Priyamani admits she never knew that the paps would be tipped and then they would come and spot you. ‘Most of the Bollywood actors call the paparazzi folks and it is not wrong. That has become a trend and the stars pay them. I was surprised to see the list of prices the pap agencies actually charge based on the requirement. It is not expensive or not expensive. I said no because I don’t believe in beating my own drum. I am not into unnecessary attention,’ said Priyamani.

Priyamani says that the trend has started in the South also now.