‘Oye’ On Fire: Will It Revive Career Of Those Two?

This Thursday happens to be the last day for the screening of the re-released film hero Siddharth’s “Oye”, which was released on the eve of Valentine’s Day last week. Among all the re-releases, including the likes of the blockbuster Baby and others, it is Oy! that has a terrific run and reception, thus shocking many film critics and enthusiasts.

In case, if the tremendous response that the ‘Oye’ re-release received now is something that happened during the initial release of the film in 2009, surely the career of director Anand Ranga and hero Siddharth would have been on some other level. However, back in 2009, though the director claimed that that film made profits, industry circles used to say that the movie was a cost-failure it was made on a staggering ₹10 crores budget.

All said and done, the reception Oy! received now sounds like a new film getting a blockbuster talk. As the failure of this movie at the box office, delayed director Anand Ranga’s career as a filmmaker, will it help get some big projects and star heroes now? We have to see.

At the same time, hero Siddharth’s lover boy appeal is lost in translation and the failure of Oy! followed by Baava, Ananganaga O Dheerudu, 180 and Oh My Friend in the next couple of years, which have completely killed his career as the leading man. Now, with the reception Oy received at the box office for a week, will it revive his career too? Only time has the answer.