Why Did Manmadhudu Heroine Leave Film Industry? 

When the film, Nagarjuna’s “Manmadhudu” was released in theatres back in 2002, young heroine Anshu Ambani became the talk of town in no time. She has amassed a huge fanbase and fame as well and is part of Prabhas’ Raghavendra later. However, without giving any clue, Anshu suddenly opted out of the film industry, surfacing a couple of years ago on the internet. And now, she’s back in Hyderabad, scouting for offers. 

Many are wondering why this happening beauty, who was 16 years old at that time, has left Tollywood without even looking back. Talking about the same, Anshu, who is an NRI born and brought up in London, UK, stated that the situation and pressure forced her to go back and complete her studies. “I’m new here, except my father there is none to take care of me. There were no managers and PRs kind of teams back then. It felt difficult for many filmmakers to reach me through my dad’s route, and even for us, things felt pressurized. That’s the reason I went back to London, finished my studies and later started working as a therapist” said Anshu. 

Now that Anshu wants to come back to movies and is busy giving interviews in Hyderabad to media folks, we have to see if her re-entry into Tollywood will be official soon.