Shanmukh’s Video Goes Viral, ‘Took Ganja In Depression’

YouTuber Shanmukh Jaswanth’s videos are popping up each day, and it looks like during the time of his arrest recently, some secretly shot videos revealing something different about the whole ‘ganja’ consumption episode. In a leaked video accessed by many TV channels now, Shanmukh is seen crying loudly, about the reasons for consuming cannabis.

At a time when police are searching his house, and catching him smoking ganja, the YouTuber and Bigg Boss contestant could be heard saying that he is consuming cannabis because of depression. “I was about to die, seriously; I’m in my depression; that’s why I’m consuming it”, a voice, which appears to be of Shanmukh, is coming out of the video. In fact, inside the leaked video, Shanmukh could be seen talking to a police constable and also Dr Mounika, who has lodged a case against his brother Vinay Sampath for cheating and sexually abusing her on the pretext of marriage.

Looks like this video is going to play a lot against Shanmukh in the court of law, while the public already started targeting him for his behavior. We have to see what happens.