Rajamouli’s Son Brings Telugu ‘Premalu’

If any film has got such unanimous positivity and blockbuster success in recent times, definitely it is none other than the Malayalam film “Premalu”, about which Gulte.com is talking loudly and clearly. And then, like every other film lover, even the Tellugu folks are waiting to see if this Mallu rom-com, which has a terrific Hyderabad backdrop, will be released in the Telugu language as well. Here comes the deal.

Legendary director SS Rajamouli’s son SS Karthikeya has now taken the responsibility of bringing this film to the Telugu states. Currently, he is taking care of the Telugu dubbing work, and without any delay, the dialogues are written to suit the nativeness (only subtle tweaks though) and already a couple of reels of the movie got dubbed too. On March 8th, utilising the Shivaratri weekend to its fullest, now the Telugu version of Premalu will be hitting cinemas in Telugu states.

Already many Telugu movie enthusiasts have watched the film in Hyderabad, a Malayalam version with English subtitles, and now the rural folks are also getting excited about this movie. In the wake of some dubbed films like True Lover not doing well at the Telugu box office these days, we have to see how Premalu fares now.