The Dhoom Dhaam Dushh Of Logicless Comedy

Telugu filmmakers these days are experimenting a lot when it comes to delivering content. However, sometimes, the routine commercial films like DJ Tillu, and MAD, and known horror content in films like Masoodha and Virupaksha clicked, this is purely because of the engaging content factor. And one genre that is failing to click these days is the ‘logicless comedy’.

Gone are the days when Allari Naresh’s spoof films used to work more than anything at the box office because audiences are watching better jokes and comedy in TV shows like Jabardasth. But then, some filmmakers succeeded with movies like Mathu Vadhalara, but that didn’t get guaranteed when the same director made Happy Birthday, a surreal comedy. The logicless scenes failed to churn out emotion, and that completely disappointed the audience inside the theatres.

Now that Sri Vishnu is coming up with Om Bheem Bhush, many are wondering why he attempted a logicless comedy genre movie after scoring huge with the routine comedy film Samajavaragamana. Going by the teaser, it appears like the film has given lots of logic for a toss and that’s what the makers are also saying, asking people to keep their brains at home and come to theatres. We have to see if this movie will work or become Dhoom Dhaam Dushh at the box office.