‘Jagan Accidental CM, Roja Item Rani’

The cross-political warfare between Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana political landscape has started again as Bandla Ganesh has made a few sensational comments on Jagan Mohan Reddy and Roja. This was a retort to Roja’s satirical comment on Revanth Reddy recently.

Bandla Ganesh, who is active in Telangana Congress spoke with the media today and he made some sensational comments against AP Chief Minister Jagan and YSR Congress firebrand leader Roja. He called Jagan an accidental chief minister and Roja an item Rani.

The Congress leader said Jagan accidentally became the chief minister of Telangana after his father YSR passed away. He said Jagan can’t be compared to Revanth Reddy who is a fighter and became the chief minister through hard work. He said Roja is an ‘Pulusu papa’ and “item Rani” and can’t be taken seriously as she has no political credibility to speak about someone like Revanth Reddy.

Bandla Ganesh has pinched the YSR leaders with this stinging comments on Jagan and Roja so we should see if the ruling party of AP will react vigorously to the same.