Can Mythri Get Lucky For The Third Time?

Many producers have initial roots in distribution, and only after getting to know every single corner of the film business, they float a production house.

That’s the case with the likes of Dil Raju and Mythri Movie Makers too. While production gives them maximum control of the film, as they know the content they are churning up, distribution is more like throwing dice only. After starting a production house, usually some distributors stopped distributing movies, but Dil Raju never stopped, while recently this production house started distributing films in Telugu states.

In recent times, Mythri Movie Makers ventured into distribution and tasted both sides of the coin. Their first-ever big venture is Prabhas’ Salaar, which didn’t get critical acclaim, though ran well for a week or so. Though the final figures from the Nizam area are unclear, it is heard in distribution circles that Mythri ended up with few losses. But then, if any other movie got a similar negative talk, surely it would have washed out in a couple of days, but thanks to Prabhas’ fame, Mythri benefitted luckily.

Then came the film HanuMan for the distribution company, which during the Sankranthi season, turned out to be quite a lucky one. Despite its simple content, the box office fight with movies like Guntur Kaaram worked towards its advantage, thus making Mythri mint good bucks.

And now, Mythri is getting ready to distribute the film Operation Valentine in Nizam, which is a big bet again. Films made on army rarely minted big at the Telugu box office. So we have to see if the distribution arm of this mighty production house will get lucky the third time or not.