Pawan Babai Waiting To Watch OV: Varun Tej

Mega Prince Varun Tej pins many hopes on his next release Operation Valentine to provide him nationwide recognition. Fortunately, the promos of the movie went viral in Telugu as well as Hindi.

Varun Tej reveals how the movie materialized. “Director Shakti Pratap Singh approached me with this story in 2020. I liked the story very much. The producers of Sony Pictures also liked it. They are also making war backdrop movies. This indeed is the content with national appeal. They made the movie with a proper plan and with a very grand budget. Although the director is a Hindi boy, he has the intention to make the film in Telugu. After Sony Pictures came, we decided to do it in Hindi as well. We shot every scene in Telugu and Hindi.”

Usually, there is a huge risk involved when a debutant is given the responsibility to make high-budget films particularly films like war backdrop ones. However, Varun Tej says he saw the passion in the director which is the reason why he didn’t beyond that. “Shakti’s short film became a sensation and it even stunned Air Force officials who complimented him and gave him necessary information on this story, when he was planning to make a movie. He has the knack of bringing the best performances from his actors.”

Varun says that playing an IAF officer was challenging. “I took information from a pilot on how the actual fighter flight works, how fast it goes, all these things before we started the shoot. He was very encouraging and made me sit in a flight simulator and give me a real-life projection experience. If you sit in a flight simulator, it will give you a feel like driving a real flight. That experience was very useful. It was really challenging. The entire face is covered with an oxygen mask and emotion should be expressed with eyes. The director has designed my character very wonderfully with the inspiration of some real air fighters. Everyone connects very emotionally with my character of Rudhra.”

Varun discloses to have met his Babi Pawan Kalyan, after the release of the teaser. “Babai doesn’t really talk much about movies. But as he liked the teaser of Operation Valentine, he watched it 5 times. He appreciated my look as an Air Force Officer. He said he was waiting eagerly to watch the movie. Babai indeed likes to watch films of these kinds.”

The actor about his next outing Matka stated that it would be a commercial revenge drama.