Operation Valentine Special Shows Filling Fast!

Actors or filmmakers don’t really dare to screen early premiere shows for their movies, given negative talk will kill openings. However, those who have faith in their content will dare to hold paid premieres.

The makers of Mega Prince Varun Tej’s patriotic film Operation Valentine also opted for premiere shows in very few centers in AP and TS. However, they are increasing the shows with a huge demand for tickets. While tickets for most of the shows are sold out, the status shows fast-filling in the remaining areas, including the big screen in Prasad Multiplex.

Surely, the team has done well with their aggressive promotional campaign to create hype for the movie directed by Shakti Pratap Singh Hada and Varun Tej went places to be part of all the publicity events. The content garnered a thumping response. Seems like, Operation Valentine will collect good numbers through these premiere shows.