Will Telugu ‘Premalu’ Justify the Malayalam Conflict Point?

Premalu emerged as one of those films that give a fresh feel even with the simple stories. The Malayalam movie crossed the borders to become one of the most watched in other languages audiences too. Now the film is being brought to Telugu by Karthikeya.

It was earlier rumored that Premalu will be remade, just like many other films from Malayalam being made in Telugu. While the thought of bringing a good cinema to Telugu is good, but those who watched the movie already were not excited about it if ‘remade’, instead of dubbed. Their wish came true and Premalu is now coming in Telugu dubbed version. Here is another crucial question from many.

The story of Premalu is about an engineering graduate In Kerala who wants to go to the UK and is also fed up with his native place in Kerala so much that, comes to Hyderabad for the time being. Now, many raise a doubt that the whole point of the movie becomes self-contradictory. The conflict goes missing when a Malayali guy comes to Hyderabad but speaks in Telugu.

Premalu fans are awaiting the Telugu version so to know how the part of the conflict is justified. The social media discussions have interesting inputs like what if the characters are from a remote village and travel to Hyderabad to work. Well, that is one valid point that could work!