Big Films Failed To Close OTT Deal For Simple Reason

These days we talk about how big films are unable to get bigger pay packets for the OTT deals, but then, there is also another big thing that is not being said outside. For many commercial films of big stars that failed to close the OTT deals, there is only one simple reason, reports coming from OTT teams are to be believed. Here goes it.

According to highly placed sources, some big films in recent times have failed to close OTT deals, not because of the high budget they are quoting, but because of failure to give a solid clarity on the release date.

Many OTT biggies are asking for one simple thing, lock the release date, and we will take the film. But some Telugu producers can’t come to any fixation over the same, because they don’t know when our creative directors will bring the first copy and when our star heroes will be able to finish the film owing to their own egos and creative brilliance.

Even though the budgets for the upcoming financial year are opened by OTT platforms, some films, that are actually promoting that they have closed the OTT deals, haven’t closed any as the makers failed to give clarity on the release date. So, to get an OTT deal, first lock the release date!