Om Bheem Bhush: Bhairavapuram Reminding Bhairavakona?

One of the hyped upcoming films is none other than Sree Vishnu’s “Om Bheem Bhush” which is hitting cinemas next Friday. While the film’s teaser featuring teasy content raked up expectations, the trailer has given a different feel. Though it is laced with fun all over, here comes a comparison that is popping up right now.

Apparently the trailer of ‘Om Bheem Bhush’ gives a hint about the story line of the movie that the heroes will be sent to a palace in the village of Bhairavapuram to unearth some mystery. Recently we have seen how the hero of ‘Ooru Peru Bhairavakona’ goes to a palace in Bhairavakona village to unearth the mystery surrounding living souls and bring back a treasure. Except the comedy and treatment, the storyline is pretty close and many are wondering how come two different directors picked up a similar line.

Meanwhile, movie lovers feel that this going-to-a-house storyline is inspired by Chandramukhi movie and followed by the likes of Raju Gari Gadhi, Geethanjali and Bhagamathie as well, while treatment is different. So we have to see how Om Bheem Bhush actually fares.