Om Bheem Bush Has No Connection With Brochevarevarura

Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna worked again in Om Bheem Bush, after the super hit Brochevarevarura. From the teaser to the recently released trailer, every promotional material was highly entertaining. Ahead of the release, Priyadarshi interacted with the media.

The actor affirms he knew Sree Harsha Konuganti from the days of making Husharu. “I was supposed to work in his previous films but couldn’t. I loved it completely when he narrated the story of ‘Om Bheem Bush’. My curiosity doubled when I came to know that Sree Vishnu and Rahul are part of the project. I felt it crazy when fantasy and horror elements were included. Also, working with friends was a lot of fun.”

Darshi reveals his character name is Dr Vinay Gummadi. “We friends join Osmania University for Ph.D. for stipend and free hostel facility. While I believe in science, the two friends believe in magic. There will be entertainment all through. We previously did Brochevarevarura together. However, Om Bheem Bush has no connection with Brochevarevarura.”

He also praised his producers of V Celluloid. “Om Bheem Bush was mounted on a grand scale with top-notch production standards. Sunil and Vamsi didn’t compromise on anything. We shot a good part of the movie in a palace which is located seventy kilometers away from Pune.”

Priyadarshi says every moment of working along with friends for this movie was memorable.