Three Gorgeous Women Score A Good Hit

While we are all busy with Tillu and his frustrated funny rant, there is a comedy thriller released in Bollywood. The movie is Crew with Tabu, Kareena, and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles.

Not many knew about this film until the posters and teasers were released. Though the movie is not an entertainer from start through end, there is enough drama to hold the audience to their seats. The performances and glamor of the three stunning women are also a saving factor.

It is about the three cabin crew of an airline and whose boss could not give enough salaries to the staff. One of the staff dies in an unexpected situation the three women learn that he is a gold smuggler. They get into the deal directly with a don and get in unwanted trouble.

The Crew has no extraordinary scenes, but Tabu from the 90s, Kareena from 2000, and Kriti Sanon from the current league enthrall us all with their performances. The movie is also making good money at the box office.