April BO: Three Small Films Have Potential To Make It Big

Of course, firstly we have Vijay Devarakonda’s Family Star which is hitting cinemas on April 5th in Telugu states and is the biggest entertainer for the Summer camp. Already DJ Tillu is churning out huge, and Family Star would be adding more to it in the talk coming from Dil Raju’s camp is anything to go by. But a few small films might spring a surprise this Summer.

Firstly we have this dubbed film, Malayalam superhit Manjummel Boys being brought into Telugu by Mythri Movie Makers on April 6th. As the film happens to be an industry hit there in Kerala, many are looking forward to catching it up. Then we have Kona Venkat’s Geethanjali Malli Vachindi which is hitting cinemas on April 11th. As the comedy in DJ Tillu sequel Tillu Square is being enjoyed very well, surely Geethanjali has a similar potential to do. Then comes Dil Raju’s horror love story “Love Me”, which is releasing on April 25th. Going by the glimpses and songs, it looks like this film has the knack to hit the ball out of the park.

Currently, these three films are being considered small movies only, and we have to see how they would actually perform at the box office. Apart from these movies, other projects like Suhas Sri Ranga Neethulu, Satyam Rajesh’s Tenant, and Chaitanya Rao’s Parijatha Parvam are also hitting cinemas in April itself. Let’s see what happens.