Agra Trailer: Ruhani Sharma’s Intimate Act Is A Shocker

‘Chi La Sow’ movie fame Ruhani Sharma’s fans are reeling after the release of the trailer for her upcoming film, “Agra.” The trailer, which dropped other day, features Ruhani in a number of intimate scenes that have surprised and shocked some viewers. While the film is being screened at film festivals all these days, very soon it might get into theatres as well.

Ruhani is known for her roles in more family-friendly films like Chi La Sow though she spunned a surprise with liplocks in films like HIT. Guess what, fans were not expecting to see her in bold roles, but she did that with Agra movie it looks like. While the film looks like more of OTT stuff, the trailer the hero grabbing Ruhani’s private parts and getting intimate with her. While some fans are expressing their disappointment, OTT lovers are defending the actress’s right to take on more challenging roles.

That aside, other actresses like Aanchal Goswami and Priyanki Bose have also done bold stuff inside Agra, which won accolades at Cannes, Jio MAMI, 28th Busan International Film Festival and IFF Melbourne. The film is set to release in France on 3rd April 2024, but we have to see when it comes to Indian theatres.