Raviteja’s Films With Writers – A Bit Of Concern For Fans

Other day, mass raja Raviteja announced his upcoming film #RT75 which will be directed by Bhanu Bhogavarapu, one of the writing duo of films like Samajavaragamana and Geethanjali Malli Vachindi. And this film announcement has led fans to think a bit about the film they might come up with. Their concern has a bit of logic too.

Apparently, Raviteja even thought of making writers like Prasanna Kumar Bezawada and Srikanth Vissa as directors and often praised them on the stage. However, with films like Ravanasura that were written by Srikanth Vissa failing, a film under his direction didn’t materialise. Earlier the hero also gave a chance to Vikram Sirikonda through Touch Chesi Choodu, who happens to be the screenplay writer of Surender Reddy for years. However, he scored well when writer KS Bobby made his debut as a director with his Power. Similarly, while writer Harish Shankar’s debut directorial Shock gave a flop to Raviteja, his next film, Mirpakai was a splendid success.

Based on these results, most of the writers often didn’t live up to Raviteja’s image after they turned to direction, and that is what worrying fans a bit. In case these writers depend a lot on comedy, the forte of Raviteja, the success will be a sure-shot guarantee, say trade pundits. Let’s see what happens.