Pushpa 2 Buzz: ₹50+ Crores For Jaathara Sequence?

Other day the teaser of the highly anticipated pan-India movie “Pushpa 2” got out recently, and it has amazed the target audience. Though fans are unhappy as there is no dialogue present inside the teaser, the Gangamma Jaathara Sequence has become a talking point since its release. And here comes an inside talk about this hyped sequence.

In fact, director Sukumar has canned this Jaathara sequence for almost 30+ days at a specially erected set inside Allu Studios, Gandipet, Hyderabad. Not just the number of people who took part in the shoot, but the special makeup, lighting setups, artwork and a special Mocobot camera imported from Mumbai to cane the scene, have all said to have cost more than ₹30 crores for the production itself. Including remunerations of star actors, pre-visualisation, visual effects and post-production like sound design and music, will add up to another ₹20 crores roughly. That’s the reason they are saying that this Jaathara sequence itself might cost nearly ₹50+ crores.

Earlier it has come out that Pushpa 2: The Rule is being made with nearly ₹250 crores budget as the film should be catering to Pan-India audience who have earlier unfurled a red carpet for Pushpa 1. This highly anticipated sequel is hitting cinemas on August 15th this year.