Why Vijayasai Never Criticized His Childhood Friend Pawan?

If we observe the political trends in the recent past, it would be surprising to note that Pawan Kalyan, who is usually very aggressive against Jagan and other YCP leaders, doesn’t target Vijayasai Reddy. At the same time, there are not many occasions of Vijayasai speaking harshly against Pawan Kalyan either. But as it turned out, there is a throwback story behind this.

Speaking with a media channel today, Vijayasai surprisingly revealed that he and Pawan Kalyan are childhood friends. He hinted that the two of them have mutual respect for each other.

The interviewer then mentioned that there is an internal talk that the YCP high command is not happy with Vijayasai for not abusing Pawan in a personal capacity like how other YCP leaders do. Vijayasai replied that he didn’t want to abuse Pawan personally and acknowledged that it is true that other YCP leaders go too hard in abusing Pawan with personal remarks.

After watching this bit of the interview, political observers are commenting that Jagan, who often deploys YCP leaders to target Chandrababu, Pawan Kalyan, and Lokesh, might be hurt by his righthand Vijayasai not abusing Pawan Kalyan. It turns out that Vijayasai is against personal abuse of Pawan for the childhood friendship he has with the JSP boss but this isn’t welcome by Jagan and his YCP top leadership. This was indirectly pointed out by the interviewer as well.