This Teaser Putting Thaman High On Pedestal Again

Young music maestro SS Thaman is known for his stunning background score which literally stood like a pillar in many films and helped those films do magic at the box office. But in recent times, there has been strong criticism that his background score is not working out. But it looks like Thaman has once again showcased the taste of his technical brilliance.

Back then, SS Thaman became a big name for the kind of background score and sound design he delivered for the semi-horror flick “Vaishali”. Reuniting with the same team, he’s now coming up with “Sabdham” whose teaser was unveiled the other day. No doubt, more than the content, and visuals, the brilliance of the teaser lies in the sound design and score that is delivered by Thaman. Many music lovers are hailing him for delivering such high-quality work yet again, and surely that brought him to the top of the pedestal again.

Of course, Thaman’s work stood out tall and long in movies like Akhanda, but the failure to repeat a similar stunner again has resulted in some criticism. Though his BGM for Guntur Kaaram sounds interesting, the expectations of people are mismatched as they are expecting Akhanda like a punch from him. But Sabdham is a different genre film, and Thaman showcased his merit differently.