Blockbuster Talk For Faahad’s ‘Aavesham’

Though Fahadh Faasil is not a popular name in Telugu states, he got enough of fans here for his beautiful Malayalam films. However, his arrival as a negative-shaded police officer in “Pushpa” made him quite famous across the nation. And then, it looks like most of his latest movies are doing well, whose charm might add up to “Pushpa 2” craze and euphoria.

Even though there is no Telugu version of Fahadh Faasil’s latest Malayalam movie “Aavesham”, the Malayalam version has been released in Telugu states, and many Telugu audiences are going to theatres in A-centres to catch the film with subtitles. The film is getting an amazing response for being that comic gangster drama that showcased the powerful acting side of Fahadh. And this phenomenon is likely to give a big boost to Pushpa 2 now if the crowds going to Aavesham theatres for Fahadh are anything to go by.

Not only in Telugu states, but the blockbuster talk coming for Aavesham will help Pushpa 2 get more massive attention in many other states, while the film already has terrific hype with the good work of Allu Arjun and Sukumar hailed with a pan-India success for the first part. On the other hand, Pushpa 2 also other popular stellar cast like Rashmika Mandanna, Jagapathi Babu and others as well.