#Pushpa2: A Bit Of Gray Shade In Rashmika’s Role?


Other day with Rashmika Mandanna sharing in a chit chat that her role in Pushpa 2 is going to be more intense this time, describing it as Srivalli 2.0, many are wondering what is going to be there.

Back in Pushpa, the actress appears as Allu Arjun’s love interest and her role fuels a fight between one villain and the male lead. Apart from that, the total story doesn’t hinge on her role. Here’s an interesting snippet now.

Reports are doing rounds that Rashmika’s Srivalli character in Pushpa 2 will be more defined, dominant and dynamic. As the wife of a sandalwood kingpin, she gets to say a lot of things regarding the business and is more likely to care about the smuggling aspects through her well-established milk-selling business this time.

An insider revealed that there will be a bit of gray shade as well in the role as Sukumar added a bit of arrogance and aggression to Srivalli’s role this time.

As the first part explored the love story aspect between Pushpa and Srivalli and they get married towards the climax, surely there will be no scope to explore that dynamic now.

Probably that might have forced Sukumar to design Srivalli’s character in more of a heroic way this time. Earlier there were reports that she has given more than 90 days of dates for the movie and that explains everything.