Big Advantage for Nara Rohith’s Pratinidhi 2

Nara Rohith is one of the talented actors in Telugu with a good fan base. However, his recent flicks have not performed well at the box office. The actor is also blamed for poor choice of scripts. But now, he is coming up with an exciting film Pratinidhi 2, a sequel to his successful film Pratinidhi. The film is aimed for a release on the 25th of this month.

With no competition at the box office, Pratinidhi 2 enjoys a good theatrical release if promoted well. Surprisingly, there is no good film at the box office. Except for Tillu Square and the Malayalam dubbed film Manjummel Boys, no other film managed to fare well at the box office. With this, there is a chance for the entry of new films in theatres.

On the other hand, Dil Raju presented a film titled Love Me If You Dare. The film was aimed for a release on 25th and many theatres are blocked for the same. But for several reasons, the film is not coming as per the schedule because of which, there is an advantage for Pratinidhi 2 to have a good release.

Meanwhile, Vishal’s next film Rathnam is also hitting the screens along with another dubbing film. Comparitively, Pratinidhi 2 has elements to attract crowds and with good word of mouth, the film can instantly become a hit.

TV5 Murthy marks his directorial debut with the film.