Tough To Remake, Let’s Dub In Telugu!

Fahadh Faasil earned huge recognition in Telugu after his debut with the film Pushpa. The actor had a couple of dubbing releases in the recent past, and all of them improved his market. If the reports in the film Nagar are true, his latest Malayalam hit, Aavesham, will be dubbed into Telugu.

Aavesham, from the director of Romancham, is a huge hit in Malayalam right now. It is the right moment to release it, especially when Malayalam films are doing well in Telugu.

Premalu, Brammayugam, Manjummel Boys, and Aadu Jeevitham were released recently and impressed audiences. Plans to remake the film in Telugu are underway, but there are too many practical problems. The first major hiccup is finding the right actor to recreate Fahadh’s performance.

Also, if they decide to remake the film, it will take a lot of time and the OTT version will be made available with subtitles. Instead, it is wise to dub the film as soon as possible.

The possibilities are being figured out and the complete details will be out shortly.