Teja Sajja’s Mirai Glimpse: Cinematic Marvel

Teja Sajja who shot to fame at Pan India level with Hanu-Man joined forces with director Karthik Ghattamaneni for another Pan India movie where he will be seen in a distinctive character as a Super Yodha. The Preface which was dropped recently grabbed the attention of all. Today, they unveiled the film’s title, besides revealing the first look and glimpse.

Mirai is the title locked for the movie and the Japanese word means miracle. The first look poster shows Teja in a new avatar in a different costume. He transformed himself completely for the chapter. Seemingly, this again is a larger-than-life character. He gives an intense gaze.

Coming to the glimpse, it tells the story of Super Yodha and his purpose. It is based on King Ashoka and his secret 9. For every generation, 9 warriors are recruited to protect the divine mystery of 9 scriptures from evil which is symbolically shown as an eclipse. Ritika Nayak is the female lead.

The way the Buddha Monk narrates the story gives goosebumps. The visuals are spectacular. Karthik Ghattamaneni has done well with his photography and taking. His storytelling is of the next level. Teja Sajja performed some breathtaking stunts. He mastered stick-fighting skills. Gowra Hari’s BGM is terrific. The production values of PMF are of outstanding. Overall, the glimpse is a cinematic marvel.

TG Vishwa Prasad is producing this adventurous saga on a high budget. Mirai will have a Pan India release in 2D and 3D formats on 18th April in 2025.