Teaser Talk: Animal Director Likes Pottel

Pottel is a small-time film directed by Sahit Mothkhuri, yet it caught the attention for its different title. The three songs released so far by the team also got a stupendous response for the range of the movie. Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga launched the film’s teaser.

The teaser opens with someone chasing Yuva Chandraa Krishna who leads a simple life and has no courage to fight those who scold or hit him. He marries the girl of his choice and they have a daughter. Unfortunately, he loses a sacred sheep, which makes the entire village angry with him. His family is also dragged into this. How this powerless guy fights against the powerful forms the crux of the story.

Pottel tells an epic tale destined to stay in your hearts for a long time. Sahit Mothkhuri crafted it as a raw and rustic actioner laced with drama. He brought good performances from all the actors. Yuva Chandraa Krishna is good in his role as a rural guy, while Ananya made her presence felt as his wife. Ajay played a crucial and powerful character. His Pothuraju act is noteworthy.

The cinematography by Monish Bhupathi Raju and music by Shekar Chandra are other positive aspects. Nishank Reddy Kudithi, and Suresh Kumar Sadige are the producers.

The makers through the teaser announced to release of the movie soon.