Gamechanger Bigger Than Bharateeyudu 2!

Director Shankar is currently working on two interesting projects currently. One of them is Gamechanger and the other one is Bharateeyudu 2. Among the two, Gamechanger seems to be attracting fancy business deals from North India, compared to Bharateeyudu 2. Despite Kamal starring in Bharateeyudu 2, the film reportedly did not attract big business deals.

According to the latest trade sources, the North Indian theatrical rights of Gamechanger are reportedly sold for an amount of 75 crore rupees. While Bharateeyudu 2 attracted only 20 crores. There is a big difference in the number, for which the trade pundits are arguing a logic.

After the success of RRR, Ram Charan’s market has improved by leaps and bounds. He gained global recognition, and his stardom in the North went to the next level. There is a natural craze and demand for his presence, and his films attract good deals.

On the other hand, despite a big banner of Lyca backing Bharateeyudu 2, the delays behind the project are pushing the interest of the audiences away. The film’s content was already limited and failed to generate big curiosity. Moreover, the release dates for both films have not yet been finalized.

With Shankar relieving himself from the work of his daughter’s wedding, he will start focusing on work. Most likely, team Bharateeyudu 2 will pick one of the two release dates: June 13 or June 14. On the other hand, Gamechanger is reportedly aimed for a release in October.

More clarity on the release dates will be out soon.